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Ecosan Nutribiotic Aquis (Liquid) Fertiliser

Ecosan Nutribiotic Liquid Fertilizer uses Singapore Lactobacillus Technology and is specifically prepared from fully fermented antibiotic free poultry manure. It’s a multi-purpose fertilizer promoting vigorous growth, mass flowering and heavy fruiting. An excellent soil condition, it effectively remediates damaged soil, bringing to its original pristine condition. The fully fermented fertilizer is perfectly balanced in C/N ratio, beneficial bacteria and high trace elements for outstanding results.

Ecosan Nutribiotic Aquis (Liquid) Fertiliser – Available in 5 and 20 later drum. For larger quantities, this product is available in 200 litre drum.

Application Rate

1. Seedling – 1 ml per 80 ml of water on weekly basis
2. Vegetables & Flowers – 1 ml per 60 ml of water on weekly basis
3. Landscape, Plants & Trees – 1 ml per 50 ml of water fortnightly.

Benefits Deriving from using Ecosan Nutribiotic Lactobacillus fertilizer

There are multiple benefits arising from the use of this fertiliser. Take Lee Sum Kion from Kuching. He listed out the following benefits he enjoys:

  • Plants’ size grow by 30%
  • Bright colours on vegetables, plants and fruits
  • Crops’ cultivation time is relatively shorter
  • Its yield has gone up by 30%
  • It does not destroy crops, soil and environment
  • The taste of fruits and vegetables are crunchier and sweeter naturally

Other benefits includes:

NutrientsTrusted by FarmersHigh in Humid AcidAlkalineBeneficial MicrobesSoil RemediationAntioxidant
This fertiliser provides the nutrients for the plants, fruits and vegetables
Many farmers in East & West Malaysia and Papua New Guinea have trusted this feritlizer
As it is high in humid acid, this fertiliser:

  • Increases the fertilizer efficiency
  • Transform insoluble nutrients into useable ones
  • Retards pathogenic efficiency
  • Stimulates microbial activity
Its pH level is 8.8
It supplies beneficial microbes that are biologically active
Loosens up hard soil for planting
Its vegetable and fruits are rich in phytochemical (plant chemical)

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